All melbourne wedding dj bridal songs wedding venuecomes down to your preference, if you choose the correct DJ it can be a memorable night. It’s also an viable option when you compare to a live band. In addition to entertainment not making a dent in your wedding budget, the correct DJ can cater to a wider audience tastes and genres than a live band. Yes, live band are grate, but it simply come down to your choice of entertainment and budget.

Choosing a professional and reliable DJ can be a difficult process; with so many individuals and companies to choose from, thank to Google. With time becoming a factor during your wedding planning process, how do you find the professional and talented DJ for your special occasion ?

Below are our Top 5 Tips to hiring a professional Wedding DJ

  1. Does experienced matter?Yes, it does. It’s important your DJ understand the formalities of a wedding. Someone who has acknowledge the fact, it’s a special occasion and take note of your requirements. Someone, who has years of experience and a seasoned who can gauge the mood and pick the correct (maybe even the perfect) songs.
  2. Presence, Attitude & Quality: With online advertising, this can be hard to measure. However, we recommend a quick phone call (With us, we will always meet you in person before the wedding day) or a coffee can fix this. Also, when you book with a Company, you never know which DJ will show up on the day. However, we assure you, our DJ will be professional and follow your brief. Yes, the DJ will smile at all times.
  3. Money, Money, Money:CAP theorem, you can only get 2 out of 3. A good DJ with professional equipment will not come cheap. However, don’t let the Price take over when you making this decision for your special day. DJ will have to entertain the guest, keep the proceedings and formalities per the script. When you think about what the DJ cost for the night, think what the value add the DJ provide compared to the Cake, flowers, table décor, photographer etc.. Divide the cost of the DJ by the number of guests in attendance; That’s the $ entertainment value per guest you are paying the DJ to make your night memorable.
  4. Plan B: Let’s face it, no matter how much we plan, life does throw a surprise every now and then. Ask you DJ if he/she has a backup DJ. Yes, just in case.
  5. Refer to the above 4 points 😊