melbourne wedding dj   Hopefully you read my article Time to find a DJ so, now its time to choose songs to play at your wedding.   Clients always ask me “can we pick some songs?” my usual answer is “yes of course you can”, its your   wedding day. But I always say this with trepidation. There are some couples who pick songs for the entire   function, this is definitely not a good idea andy I have seen it fail. Yes, you should pick songs that love to   hear or have some sentimental value.

 Yes, the Bridal waltz, Entrance song, going away song etc Yes, I say you must pick which are dear and   near  to your heart. And most of all, pick the songs you don’t want to hear on the night, which may trigger   some unpleasant memories.  

Yes, you can definably have your “must play” song list, but make sure it does not run into hours.

If you already gone through the selection process to pick your Professional DJ, I say let the DJ do his/her Job. Someone with experience who has seen the ups and downs of the Dance floor at weddings will know how and when to get your guests to the floor and when to get them back to their seats for Speeches.

By picking hours of music you want to hear, it only going hinder the skills of the DJ to keep the guests happy, it also has the potential for long night with an empty dance floor. Specially at a wedding, the DJ has to cater the elderly couple who want to reminisce their wedding 50 years ago by playing Frank Sinatra to the young girls who want Taylor Swift or the uncle who had too many beers, wanting to hear AC/DC and Horses before the bridal waltz.  

Most of the experience DJs know how to read the crowd, during the night they will play songs and get a feel for the crowed and they will set the vibe depending on the response they get from the guests. This is another reason you pick someone with experience; who will have songs from many genres in arsenal and raise to occasion with their music selection.  

I have experienced a wedding where the couple picked a certain genre for the entire night and gave me very specific instructions not to take request or deviate from their list. During the consultation I tried to comment but, had to eventually stop – coz the customer is always Correct. However, once they saw only a few guests were enjoying the night, they quickly came and suggested that I play what think will work and it turned out to be a memorable night.  

So, let the DJ know what you like and what you don’t, but also give some freedom to ensure (yes you can always to the DJ during the night) your wedding goes according to the script. With their experience and knowledge, the correct DJ will direct your wedding reception by mixing the music to keep the party going, knowing what song to play when.

So, work with your DJ and together you will make it a night to remember.


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