Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: What are your service areas?
A: We travel far and wide in Victoria. However, for locations outside the metro will incur additional charges.

Q: How many years of professional experience do you have?
A: Groovetraders comprise of many experienced DJ?s. We will provide a suitable DJ for you function, depending on you requirement.

Q: Will you assist us in pre-planning our reception?
A: Yes, we can provide you assistance on most occasions. If not, we will most certainly be able to find a service personnel.

Q: Can we meet our DJ before the event?
A: Depending on the event type, you will meet your DJ prior to the event. If it is a wedding, we most certainly prefer to meet you to cover all of the details of your wedding reception.

Q: Does the DJ make all the announcements?
A: Yes, our DJ are trained to make formal announcements, including MC.

Q: Do you have a variety of music?
A: All our DJ?s have playlist of approximately 6000. Though, it is not possible to carry every song ever recorded, we can assure you we will definitely have all your favorites and Top40. However, If you don't have a particular song, please let us know prior to the event and we will be able to find it for you.

Q: Do you take requests ?
A: Yes we most certainly do. However, if you stipulate not to play a certain song or type of songs, we will adhere to your request even it means disappointing your guest when the request the excluded songs.

Q: Can we bring our own CD for you to play?
A: Yes, you are most certainly encouraged to bring along your CD.

Q: Can you provide music for the ceremony ?
A: Yes. Please refer our Wedding running sheet for suggestions

Q: DJ Dress code?
A: As long as you clearly specify the Dress Code, our DJ?s will be attiring to it.

Q: Do you use professional equipment?
A: Yes. We ONLY use professional audio visual equipments.
Q: Can we control the volume at the event?
A: Yes. Our volume levels will not exceed the EPA endorsed levels at the venue.

Q: Will our DJ be there on time?
A: Depending on the size and type of your function, we will always allow sufficient time to set up. Sound and lighting check will be completed prior to the arrival of your guests.

Q: Do your DJ take any breaks?
A: No.

Q: What is the deposit?
A: We take a $50.00 non-refundable deposit. However, if you provide sufficient cancellation notice we will fully refund the deposit.