checklistTime for that checklist to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Though our booking form will capture most of the details required for a successful event, following are some key factors that you need to tick in advance.

1. With all sorts of themed weddings happening these days, it’s import that you inform us the dress code. Though, our DJs are guaranteed to be dressed professionally, knowing the dress code will definably help us to compliment the evening with respect to the host and guests.

2. You don’t want your DJ to have banners or placards advertising the DJ business. NO, we do not display any form of advertisements.

3. Noise restrictions are strictly enforced at most venues these days. So, check with venue in advance.

4. Though DJs use very little electricity for the equipment. Depending on where you expect the DJ to setup, sound and lighting quality maybe be subjected to power outlets. Make sure the venue has sufficient room for any equipment that may be needed and the right facilities and power to avoid setbacks.

5. Make sure that there is sufficient space for a dancefloor and that the tables won't be too close to where your wedding guests will be dancing and there are no tables close the PA.

6. Check to see if the wedding venue or wedding caterers agreement includes a light meal, drinks etc for the DJ on the evening. Considering at average your DJ will be working close 10 hours that night, refreshments are much appreciated.

7. A running sheet for the night is a must. Preferably a print version. Detail any special announcements in advance so they can be prepared. If you have your own MC, ensure the MC liaise with the DJ.