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Yes, we can make you Grandpa breakdance
This is your day; so why not make it a Wedding vibe that play tribute to your journey and destiny?

Australian weddings are renown for the laid-back feeling, yet ticking all the traditional points of a wedding. Yes, it it ok to play You Are The Voice and Khe San? Let’s leaver that decision to you 😊.  Taking note you are going to have your family and friends; it’s important the Vibe complement at least most of them.

Over the years I found most Grooms and groomsmen want to hear tunes from their University tight-ass Tuesday pub nights. The brides of course wanting to bring back the glory days of RnB clubbing with her crew which she was Queen B. Then there is the Dad (most days who pays the bar tab) wanting to hear some Elvis. Lets leave the Mums out, at most weddings Mums have already started singing Let It go, Let it go..

Collectively we will endeavor to bring the Vibe you want to create. Once the formalities are completed and the responsible consumption of “Beverages” starts, it’s the DJ who takes ownership of the day.  We are always going to have an elderly Gent who want to hear Slim Dusty to the Bridesmaid who started drinking a bit too early to calm her nerves wanting to hear Teenage Dirtbag to reminisce her teen age years. So, this is where a Professional DJ become the Mediator and Pacifier; the deliver the Vibe you wanted.

So, spinning all the above songs and still keep the dance floor going and making sure everyone goes home with plenty of memories become the one job the DJ take responsibility of. Yes, there will always be that one person who’s request didn’t make the cut, well that’s just time OR the request was such a bore.